LiveCharmed is a lifestyle blog for the woman who believes that every day should be a wonderfully smart & stylish adventure**She’s highly engaged and successful in her chosen field, but she’s never too busy for a glass of Champagne with friends**She’s organized, creative, capable, quietly self-confident and warm, and she’s the one everyone goes to for advice**She’s a world traveller, but she adores a night in** She loves Pilates, but she always seems too busy to make it to class**She’d rather visit The Getty than Bloomingdales, and she prefers style to fashion**She can host the perfect dinner party for six, but she’ll always prefer a table for two**She’s an expert at making her loved ones feel special, but she also knows how to take care of herself**She can carry on a conversation about business, books, travel, culture, sports or the wine list**Quality over quantity will always be her guiding principle**She can’t decide between the city, the beach or the French countryside**She combines designer with boutique finds, and she’s more likely to wear black or beige than pink**She couldn’t live without her Ferragamo black patent flats, her Le Creuset cookware, her journal or the little gold earrings she bought in Florence**She mixes antiques with modern pieces and artisan finds, to create a collected home**She’s stayed at the Four Seasons Koh Samui, the Gritti Palace and the Dorchester, but she’d rather be in her own bed**She enjoys both the simple pleasures and the grand adventures**She still believes in romance, and she still believes she can change the world**She’s a lady, but she can handle a boardroom, a classroom or planning her husband’s birthday party with military precision**She loves new experiences and ideas, she loves the journey, and she’s an expert at making every day feel like an event**She knows the value of a great vocabulary, and a robust 401K**She dislikes fuss, clutter, drama and being the center of attention**She lives for dolce far niente days and long, late dinners**She enjoys a polo match and dressing up for tea, but the local sidewalk cafe is her favourite place on earth to while away a lazy Saturday afternoon**St Petersburg and Sri Lanka are at the top of her travel list, but she’s sneaking away to Martha’s Vineyard for the long weekend**She’s had her share of ups and downs, but she’ll never complain, and she’ll handle it all with grace and optimism**She values both style and substance**Her standard uniform is boyfriend jeans, nude strappy heels and a classic white button-down shirt**She likes barefoot elegance, relaxed sophistication and laid-back luxury**And nothing, but nothing, makes her happier than enjoying a glass of wine and the laughter of her friends and family around the dinner table on Sundays**


Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that looks good on the outside.



Top photo: Relais Christine, Paris

Bottom photo: credit unknown