There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.

~Sophia Loren

1. Celebrate every birthday with friends, family and champagne

2. Practice yoga, stretching or Pilates to stay flexible, and prevent the aches and stiffness that are often erroneously attributed to aging

3. Explore the new freedom and opportunity that every age brings

4. Wear your hair more naturally, both in style and colour

5. Avoid obvious plastic surgery

6. Spend lots of time around children, to be reminded of the joy there is in play

7. Take a new class

8. Wear less make-up

9. Quit smoking

10. Give up flirting, and be charming instead

11. Smile more, it’s an instant facelift

12. Travel often, especially to countries that embrace aging

13. Keep up your appearance

14. Walk everywhere

15. Finally learn how to overcome your personal demons

16. Accept that there never really was anyone else to blame

17. Forget what you’re “supposed to do”

18. Eat more salmon

19. Learn a foreign language now, to help stave off Alzheimer’s Disease later

20. Leave the dance club scene behind

21. Show less cleavage

22. Embrace your age, it’s much more attractive than trying to appear younger than you are

23. Mentor someone younger, it’s a great way to help one another understand a different generation

24. Eat dessert more often

25. Learn to really appreciate all of your experiences, both good and bad, for what they’ve brought into your life

26. Forget what everyone else wants you to be, and be what you want you to be instead

27. Learn the art of graciousness

28. Avoid gaining weight

29. Have regular facials

30. Write a memoir, if only to remember what a wonderful life it’s been thus far

31. Fall in love with you

32. Assign each laugh line/wrinkle a happy moment in your life that may have put it there, remember the moment rather than the wrinkle

33. Reduce your alcohol intake

34. Improve your calcium intake

35. Moisturize religiously

36. Drink more water

37. Get dressed up and go out at least once a week

38. Wear lovely lingerie

39. Find role models to follow

40. Set goals for 40, 50, 60, 70 and beyond

41. Wear trends only as accessories

42. Get enough sleep

43. Accept and love your aging face and body (remember how you didn’t appreciate it in your 20s, and now you would die for that body?)

44. Find the balance between trying to look 20, and giving up on your appearance

45. Wear quality shoes, but avoid the sensible kind

46. Spend lots of time with friends

47. Don’t be afraid to fall in love again

48. Take proper vitamins and minerals

49. Don’t dress in a frumpy manner

50. Learn to tango

51. Keep an air of mystery

52. See a nutritionist, and learn to eat for maximum energy

53. Splurge on cashmere

54. Do one thing every day that makes you laugh out loud

55. Avoid excessive sunbathing

56. The more ladylike you are now, the better

57. Sleep on quality mattresses

58. Spend your money on taking better care of yourself, and looking good naturally, rather than trying to cover flaws/signs of aging

59. Don’t hunch over a computer/desk all day, take frequent breaks to stretch (to avoid bad posture becoming permanent later)

60. Forgive yourself

61. Continue volunteering

62. Realize that you’re more than just a mother/grandmother, father/grandfather and live where you want to live, and do what you’ve always dreamt of doing

63. Now is the time to give up regrets, they’re too big a burden to carry gracefully

64. Remember that age does not give you the right to say whatever is on your mind, courtesy still counts

65. Buy classic clothing, of the best quality you can afford

66. Keep dreaming new dreams

67. Drink champagne more often

68. Good news~you now have time for golf

69. And bubble baths

70. Make it look easy

71. Don’t mention menopause, or your varicose veins

72. Appreciate the wonder of your children and grandchildren, and their many talents

73. Reignite the love affair with your partner

74. Tell people about the good things in your life, rather than the aches and pains

75. Redecorate your bedroom

76. Learn how to swim the backstroke properly

77. Hold your head high, and stand as tall as possible

78. Remember that you aren’t your job, or title, and start planning a roaring retirement

79. Stop thinking about how fit you once were, and be as fit as you possibly can be now

80. Write a children’s book on the most important thing they should know

81. One word…exfoliate

82. Learn to love kitten heels and beautiful flats

83. Keep wearing lipstick

84. Learn how to make the big family holiday meal on your own

85. Stop wearing mini-skirts

86. Less has never been more more than it is now

87. Don’t forget that you may be many people’s role model

88. Show love and affection to those you care for

89. Learn to arrange flowers

90. Stop worrying about tomorrow

91. Go for walks after dinner

92. Now is the time to use the good china

93. Tell your children how proud you are of them, and name the specific reasons why

94. Add weight bearing exercise to your routine for strong bones

95. Make a list of the inelegant things you’ve seen older people do, and be certain you don’t do them yourself

96. Stop frowning

97. Take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try

98. Keep working part-time, to stay active and challenged

99. Attempt one thing every year that you never thought you could do

100. Make your new goal to live to be 100, with health and happiness, and live life in a way that will make it happen

Photo: Ines de la Fressange, credit unknown

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