Hello all,

I hope this message finds you very well, and enjoying the first lovely days of autumn. So much has happened since the last time we spoke that I thought I’d better catch you up, before we move on with the new blog.

We’d planned to have a big, splashy launch for the new home of LiveCharmed, but just as plans were being finalized, we found out that my wonderful husband was seriously ill. This was mid-June, and all I can say is that our family’s world was both turned upside down, and made incredibly poignant and lovely, all at the same time.

What can you say or do, when the one you love without measure is diagnosed with a terminal illness? You can cry (we did), you can worry about the future (we most certainly did!), or you can decide to fight the good fight and to live each day to its fullest, with no regrets, which is what he teaches me to do on a daily basis. You can learn to let unimportant comments and details slide, and you can learn to treat each day, whether good or bad, as an adventure. You can learn to rely on the love and support of everyone around you, you can learn to love without expectation, and, it isn’t easy, but you can also learn to make memories, rather than making plans.

This most remarkable man has taught me how to do all of these things, and more. In the midst of fighting the biggest battle of his life, he has taught me more about compassion for others than I could have ever imagined. He’s taught me that life, and love, go on, although perhaps in a different form. He’s taught me that courage and bravery don’t always look pretty. Sometimes they are tough and gritty, and come with heartbreaking and burning tears. He’s taught me that winning doesn’t always mean a full recovery, that sometimes it means fighting with dignity, no matter what the outcome may be. And he’s taught me that life is still the grand adventure that he and I have always believed it to be.

There was difficult surgery, radiation, life altering medications and there were unanswered questions. Still today, there are highs and lows, ups and downs and there are complications. Lots and lots of complications. But there are also wonderful visits from family and friends, from near and far. There were mended fences, and there were deepened friendships. There was a new baby born into our family, there was a four month tour of the world embarked on by one of our children, there are new masters degrees underway by two others, and there is a family holiday being planned for all of the 6 children and 3 grandchildren, which has been my husband’s and my dream for a very long time. We have found many, many reasons to celebrate life, and how fortunate we both feel we are. We’ve also now reached a place with his health that we hope can last for a very long while, but we no longer have any expectation. We’ve finally realized that all we have is what we’ve always ever had, and that is just today, and that is fine.

So what does that mean for us, and for the future of LiveCharmed? We’ve both taken time away from everything to tend to his health, but he’s always encouraged me to go back to writing, and to return to what this blog is about, which is making the most out of each and every day. He’s also encouraged me to live as if he’s going to live. So, as he has gone back to work to try to live as normally as possible, I too am returning to a more normal routine. At times it feels a bit of a struggle, but out of great respect and admiration for him, I’m following his example of how to live for today, and let tomorrow take care of itself, and that is exactly what LiveCharmed was always meant to be about anyway.

With love and best wishes,


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