1. Drive a different way home from work today

2. Take wine tasting classes

3. Buy an amazing new cookbook and try recipes from it for a week

4. Wear a colour you never thought you’d wear, even if it’s only in your tie

5. Try that new ethnic restaurant around the corner

6. Take Merengue lessons

7. Tell a secret to someone you trust

8. Attend the opera

9. Watch a movie that everyone is recommending, even if you aren’t enthusiastic about it

10. Pick up a bestseller that’s the exact opposite to the genre you always read

11. Pack a picnic, get in the car, and just drive

12. If you aren’t a writer, write 500 words on a topic that interests you

13. You know that little local town you’ve been meaning to explore? Explore it.

14. Take a photography class at a nearby community college

15. Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, and help build a home for someone

16. Redecorate, or rearrange a room in your own home

17. Try Tai Chi

18. Learn a new language with your significant other and speak it at home

19. Join the local community theatre, and fulfill your dream of becoming an actor

20. Train to run/walk a marathon

21. Learn to play a new musical instrument

22. Restart the ballet lessons you stopped as a child

23. Go camping in the backyard

24. Explore a bit of the city you’re in on your next business trip

25. Join Toastmasters, and learn the art of public speaking

26. Take a painting class

27. Let the kids decide what’s for dinner tonight, and let them help

28. Plan an around the world trip with your family, and let each member present on the country they’d most like to visit…even if you are never able to go

29. Write a memoir, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will thank you for it

30. Change your haircut/colour

31. Choose a small DIY project for your home that’s a bit out of your comfort zone, and try it

32. Stay at a hostel on your next weekend away

33. Smile and say hello as you pass people on the street

34. Volunteer at your local zoo, and learn about the exotic places the animals come from

35. Make Julia Child’s Coq au Vin

36. Walk in the rain, and jump in all the puddles

37. Order something different than “the usual” at your favourite cafe

38. Wear red lipstick

39. If you’re unattached, make eye contact with someone you have a crush on

40. Rent a Vespa on your next holiday

41. Make a list of the 10 things you’d like to do in your lifetime and start planning when you’ll do them

42. Grow orchids

43. Take a surfing lesson

44. Accept that great new job opportunity and move away from your home town/country

45. Fall madly in love and hold nothing back

46. Stop saying “no” just because it’s easier

47. Say yes whenever it’s possible

48. Start your own side business around something you love

49. Take swimming lessons, and really learn how to swim properly. It’ll be gift for the rest of your life.

50. Ask the perfect girl out on a date

51. Join a bowling league with your girlfriends

52. Ask the boss what you need to do to reach the next step in your career

53. Introduce yourself to your neighbours

54. Think of something to do with only the cash you have in your wallet right now (no debit or credit cards allowed!)

55. Host a game night for friends

56. If you normally drive, take public transportation

57. You know that great outfit that’s hanging in the back of the closet? Find a reason to wear it.

58. Take Italian cooking lessons

59. Join a local hiking club

60. Go out to dinner alone

61. Talk to strangers

62. Write a love letter

63. Learn how to invest in the stock market

64. Start a neighbourhood book club

65. Try escargot

66. Turn the television off this weekend

67. Book only your airfare and hotel this holiday, and just explore/ask for recommendations from the locals

68. One word: Karaoke

69. Stop worrying

70. Plan a romantic night in

71. Make Sangria

72. Make breakfast for dinner

73. Kiss that someone special in public

74. Go to a movie alone

75. Finger paint on your next date

76. Write an article for the local newspaper on why you love where you live

77. Only use your mobile phone for emergencies while you’re on holiday

78. Let it go already

79. Commit to trying one new thing every day

80. Change jobs, if it’s time

81. Eat the local cuisine

82. Take a kick-boxing class

83. Dare to dream

84. Stop listening to your critics

85. Take a group golf lesson

86. Host a whiskey tasting event in your home

87. Go back to college

88. Try one more time

89. Learn how to make wine

90. Learn how to fly fish

91. Learn how to hula dance

92. Learn how to belly dance

93. Stay at non-chain, boutique hotels

94. Make a curry

95. Kiss in the rain

96. Take an improv class

97. Write to someone you admire, and ask how they’ve achieved their goals

98. Start a cooking lesson club with your friends (the host picks the dish, everyone brings an ingredient and you learn together)

99. Don’t ask for directions

100. You know that thing you’ve always wanted to try? Try it.

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