boyfriend jeans and strappy heels.


My name is DeeAnne White, and I’m a former Fortune50 EVP, lifestyle blogger, traveler and lover of cricket, wine, jazz, Jimmy Choos and life.

I’m also just a girl, who was born in Dallas, and who’s been everything from a young wife and stay at home soccer mom, to a busy single parent beginning her career in Orange County, California, to one of the few women lucky enough to reach the top tier of the investment industry, living at the Four Seasons in lovely downtown Chicago. I’m now a lifestyle blogger and author, who’s recently moved back to the States from the UK, but through it all, I’m more and more convinced that every day can be a wonderfully smart and stylish adventure, no matter what challenges and opportunities may come our way.

Since taking a break from corporate America and moving abroad, I’ve been learning French, relearning how to stay in one place for longer than a weekend, marrying a brilliant Englishman, writing my first novel, searching quite unsuccessfully for my inner Julia Child, making room in the wardrobe for a pair of Wellies to sit alongside the Jimmy Choos and dreaming of living in a tiny French village someday.

I believe that slow is much more elegant than fast, that everything happens for a reason and that it’s always best to have chilled Champagne on hand, because you never know when there might be something to celebrate.

{DeeAnne’s been interviewed by JetSetCitizen, and featured on 44 Creative and Adventurous Bloggers You Should Know. Her articles have appeared in BlogHer, Wisden Cricketer, Sharing Travel Experiences, Velvet Escape, I Carry The Bag and Wellness Billionaire, among others. She’s also done extensive life and executive coaching, investment and management consulting and she’s been asked to partner and consult with exciting new lifestyle and luxury brands.}



My goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from.