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I’m so pleased that you’ve stopped by. My name is DeeAnne Chomiak, and I’ve spent my life and career helping others learn how to save, invest and spend more wisely, so that they can balance living a lovely life now, with reaching their long term financial goals later, and I’d like to help you to do the same.

Through LiveCharmed, and with the help of other experts in their fields, I’ll be bringing you the education, coaching and tools you need to create a life of travel, beauty, and charitable giving, as well as a classically appointed home and wardrobe, always with an eye towards quality versus quantity, and all whilst continuing to work towards the financial security and independence that we all long for.

As for me, since leaving corporate America, and moving to the UK, I married a brilliant Englishman, who I, tragically, lost 2 years ago to cancer, and who I’m still learning to live without, but who left me with a lifetime full of love, and also with the dream and encouragement to begin a business, that would focus on helping others learn how to manage their money more wisely, while also living life to the fullest right now, just as he and I had always committed to doing.

For those of you who have followed me on my journey from my original site, Live The Charmed Life, you’ll be happy to know that I’m still learning French, relearning how to stay in one place for longer than a weekend, writing my first novel, searching quite unsuccessfully for my inner Julia Child, finding ways to stay close to delightful grown children and mischievous young grandchildren, and an extended family, who live on two continents, making room in the wardrobe for a pair of Wellies to sit alongside the Christian Louboutins, and dreaming of living in a tiny English village someday.

I look forward to working together, and making the very best of where we all are today!

All the best,
D xx

{DeeAnne’s been interviewed by JetSetCitizen, and featured on 44 Creative and Adventurous Bloggers You Should Know. Her articles have appeared in BlogHer, Wisden Cricketer, Sharing Travel Experiences, Velvet Escape, I Carry The Bag and Wellness Billionaire.}





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